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CoinMusme Introduces the Fifth Edition of the New Character ‘SD (Super Deformed) Trainee Musme’ Born from Collaboration!


Eureka Entertainment Ltd. (CEO: Takuya Tsuji) is developing the blockchain game “CoinMusme.” We are pleased to announce the release of the fifth edition of the collaboration character, SD (Super Deformed) Trainee Musme. Through collaborations with other projects and communities, we aim to enhance the character and expand mutual recognition.

  • About the Collaboration Character ‘SD (Super Deformed) Trainee Musme’

CoinMusme has established a system since December 2023 to train new characters born from collaborations with various projects and communities, turning them into trainee members of CoinMusme’s cryptocurrency idol unit. Trainees are transformed into SD (Super Deformed) versions based on the existing characters or images of those projects or communities, and popular trainees may become playable characters in CoinMusme’s game after its release.
This time, we are pleased to announce new characters created through collaborations with 0x Consulting Group, Crypto.M, BB, MetaKozo.
Currently, collaborations with other projects and communities are being decided one after another, and more characters are expected to be added in the future.

  • Projects and communities with confirmed collaborations (Random order, titles omitted)

SNPIT is a revolutionary Snap to Earn service that leverages smartphone cameras to provide groundbreaking Game-Fi experiences. Aimed at creating a more accessible Game-Fi ecosystem, it harnesses the ubiquitous functionality of smartphone cameras. Users can take photos using camera NFTs and earn their own tokens (Note 2). Furthermore, by using tokens to enhance camera performance, users can achieve more sophisticated image quality and increase token earnings. Photos that meet specific quality standards qualify for entry into battles, where winning can also result in token rewards.
Official Website:
Official X (formerly Twitter):
Official Discord:

SyFu is a GameFi-enabled “WEB3 wallet” that transforms hidden payment data into digital assets. It digitizes economic contributions made through modern consumption activities, offering users new value. Featuring the traditional Japanese “maneki-neko” (beckoning cat) as its motif, the MANEKINEKO NFT allows your spending activities to become economic contributions. Users can grow their MANEKINEKO NFT using payment data that serves as proof of economic contributions, earning tokens and NFTs in this nurturing game. This enhances the consumption experience, aiming to act as a “wallet of the future” and contribute to the growth of local communities and the global economy.
Official Website:
Discord:Operated on a completely invitation-only basis, invitations are sent to waiting list registrants sequentially.

  • The following projects and communities have already been announced for collaboration (in no particular order, titles omitted)

Please refer to the following press releases for more details:
Press Release on December 25, 2023::Link
Press Release on February 1, 2024:Link
Press Release on April 23, 2024:Link
Press Release on May 14, 2024:Link

  • Calling for Projects Wishing to Partner with Us

CoinMusme collaborates with other projects and communities to create or transform existing characters into SD (Super Deformed) characters. If your project or community is interested in collaborating with CoinMusme, please feel free to contact us at the following:

▼Contact for Business Inquiries
X(Formerly Twitter):

CoinMusme will continue to contribute to the development of the blockchain gaming and Web3 industries through various collaborations in the future.

  • About CoinMusme

CoinMusume is a blockchain game scheduled to be released in 2024, developed by Eureka Entertainment Ltd. with the aim of creating a new excitement and becoming a global role model for “Play to Earn’’ world. The game features idol characters inspired by cryptocurrencies.

▼X (Formerly Twitter) Accounts
Japanese Account:
Global Account:
Vietnamese Account:
Chinese-speaking Account:
Korean Account:
▼ Official Website
▼List of Eureka Entertainment Ltd. Press Releases

  • About CoinMusme Academy

CoinMusme Academy is a Discord community where members belong to various organizations such as student councils and clubs, engage in activities to enrich the “CoinMusme” experience. Through an administration inspired academy role-playing, we aim to provide our members with an experience of “learning, playing, and having fun.”
CoinMusme Academy was publicly launched on August 2nd, and it has since formed a vibrant community primarily centered around the members of the Student Council. Users who joined the CoinMusme Academy during May will be granted the “10th Batch’’ role, allowing them to engage in broader activities.
In May, within the Japanese community of CoinMusme Academy, we will be giving away 150 gacha ticket NFTs and 10 Premium gacha ticket NFTs that can be used after the game’s release. Additionally, we will provide separate gacha ticket NFTs for various global regions.

Please take this opportunity to join the official Discord community, “CoinMusme Academy.”


【How to Participate】
Please join us through the following link. We look forward to your participation.