Coin Musume

Don't miss out on exciting live
performances by crypto idols!

Music video by Bit, an idol character inspired by Bitcoin is now out! Her song delivers the exciting gaming experinece CoinMusme will bring.

"Private Key", second original theme song created by idol characters represent the world of blockchain that we live in.

what is “CoinMusme?”

Enjoy NFT Card Battle and Token Price Prediction Race with Crypto idols!


"CoinMusme Academy," an all-girls school, was established five years ago.
The students studied investment and finance to make the world a more liberated place.

However, with the collapse of the entire crypto market, the academy faced the threat of closure.

In the face of the adversity, the academy decided to create an
ultimate crypt idol group through a vote, so that they can take back the popularity again by showing the wonders of cryptocurrency
to the people.

コインムスメ コインムスメ

Choose the future now!
It’s up to your vote to decide which crypto idol becomes the most popular in the world!

Game Concept

Most of the Gacha revenue is returned to user rewards

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Coin Musme

game cycle

game cycle
Musume Smile
Mona Megane


Ether Rippia Dozy Oasys Matic MARBLEX Gmtee Dep Astar Uni Banbi Musme Mona Bit
  • Ether

    イーサCV:Ishitobi Erika

    She embodies both kindness and wisdom, treating her juniors and fans alike without discrimination. When she sings, she truly becomes a goddess. She is supported by a steadfast fan base who feels her ideals resonate with them. As the head of the Ether dormitory, she has many junior fans.

    "The world should be more freely connected. That's why I exist."


  • Rippia

    リピアCV:Nishikado Shiori

    She’s a cheeky, sadistic type of idol. With an arrogant attitude, she boldly issues commands from above, and her enthusiastic fans (subordinates) are thrilled by it. Surprisingly, she’s skilled at calculations. She enjoys taking Doggie-chan for walks and seems to love cuddling whenever there’s an opportunity.

    "Your Rippia is finally here! Thanks for wating, my subordinates!"


  • Dozy

    ドジィ CV:Horikoshi Sena

    She takes the form of a beast girl with the ears and tail of a Japanese Shiba Inu. Sometimes, she reverts back to her dog form when her excitement level rises. While she struggles with difficult tasks, she excels at being an adorable mascot who faithfully serves her fans using cuteness as her only weapon. She likes Ether because she often receives treats from her.

    “Um, you know! As long as it’s fun, it doesn’t matter either way! Yelp!”


  • Oasys

    オアシスCV:Yamasaki Nana

    She loves gaming, and her hobby is e-sports. Despite being the quiet one in school and home, once she holds the controller, she becomes an astonishing pro-gamer who excites the audience with her incredible plays. She excels in fast-paced gameplay, handling tasks instantly, and has captivated numerous fans. She lives in the Ether Dormitory and often competes in strategy games, but she tends to struggle, making her frustrated.

    "Hitbox is tight but look at the wall…Wallbang! Self-best, nailed it! Am I a genius or what!?”


  • Matic

    マティックCV:Tsurumi Moe

    Others call her the Idol Magician. She's a bundle of service spirit and has loved surprising people since she was young. Due to being easily nervous and prone to making cute mistakes, many fans watch her stage magic while holding their breathe. She and Ether have been doing idol activities together since their trainee days and she serves as the Vice Head of Ether Dorm.

    "Oh no, no, no! Please don't look there! Mr. Dove will fly away!"


  • Marblex


    She is a gifted young lady who performs breathtaking dances to the rhythm of K-pop music. On the outside, she behaves as the daughter of a major corporation, but behind the scenes, she is a streamer. At night, she presses the start button on her game stream and gets much closer to her fans. Fans are always surprised and delighted by the eating challenge that suddenly begins during her stream. Oasys-chan is her e-sports rival.

    "The me on the stage and the me streaming games, both are absolutely genuine! May I inquire which version of myself you prefer?"


  • Gmtee


    Running around on the stage, she's the rising star of the track and field team, and also the face of an up-and-coming idol. Her dream is to passionately spread joy and comfort through singing and dancing. She believes that no matter how difficult the situation, things will work out if you just keep moving forward. Her slightly childlike side and the freshness of a newcomer to the sports team capture the hearts of her fans. She often goes for full-speed runs with Dozy-chan during their walks.

    "Whether on stage or on the track, I give it my all! If you're in trouble, we can walk together!"


  • Dep

    デップCV:Haruna Fuka

    She's always misunderstood as being fiercely competitive, but she's actually a somewhat shy girl who absolutely loves drawing. Although she has a sharp tongue, she draws portraits and gives them as gifts, and her fans can't get enough of the gap. She tries to hide her affectionate side, but it's pretty obvious. She's opened to Dozy because she's a dog, and secretly draws comics about her.

    "W-Well, this is... just a doodle! You can throw it away right now if you want! You don't have to wrap it up so nicely!!!"


  • Astar

    アスターCV:Amane Miho

    Having been familiar with martial arts since she was a child, her strongest skill is karate. She has a strong drive for self-improvement, never missing an opportunity to train on her path to achieving her dreams while leading her team to victory. She always has a smile and is full of creativity, so she is highly trusted by those around her. However, sometimes she tries too hard and goes overboard. At such times, Oasys-chan invites her to play games to help her take a mind off of her responsibilities.

    "Let my spirit be undivided, for I shall strive to become the top! Let's aim for the top!"


  • Uni

    ユニ CV:Nagae Yua

    She's an open and genuine person. She can befriend anyone with her natural brightness and great conversational skills. She's caring and especially great with young children. She loves to see their pure smiles, so she spends her free time helping out at a nursery. On the flip side, her overly friendly nature can sometimes lead to trouble. She and Ether-chan have been childhood friends. They still live in the same dormitory, and are very important to each other.

    "Don't worry; big sis is always here, so you're safe. Let's hold hands and sing together, everyone!"


  • Banbi

    バンビ CV:Sagara Mayu

    Once she dances, she soars like a dragon. Her passion and confidence overflow from her body like flames, making her an exceptionally skilled dragon girl! Despite sometimes being out of the loop and occasionally rude, she has that silly side you can't help but forgive. Rippia tends to be the one who teases her by telling lies.

    "Ta-daaa! Fear not because I have the strength of 100 people! There is no use crying over spilt milk!"


  • Musme


    Official PR character. A junior student at Coin Musme Academy. As a new student who has just enrolled, she knows nothing about anything. She will study cryptocurrency together with everyone else.

    "I'll study hard about cryptocurrencies, so everyone, come along with me! But first, what is currency?"


  • Mona


    Official PR character. A junior student at Coin Musme Academy. She doesn't hesitate to put in effort if it means earning money easily. Sometimes she tricks Musme-chan without thinking too much...

    "Oh, I found a skyrocketing meme coin! I'll make Musme-chan buy it and see how it goes!"


  • Bit

    ビット CV:Hayashi Yuzuki

    A legendary graduate of Coin Musme Academy. She gently guides clueless Musme-chan and her juniors toward a bright future in cryptocurrencies, although she also occasionally scolds Mona-chan.

    "I will protect the future of cryptocurrencies! Hey, stop it, Mona-chan! Don't cause trouble to Musme-chan again! Divine punishment shall befall you!"


  • Ether

  • Rippia

  • Dozy

  • Oasys

  • Matic

  • Marblex

  • Gmtee

  • Dep

  • Astar

  • Uni

  • Banbi

  • Musme

  • Mona

  • Bit

Ether Rippia Dozy Oasys Matic Marblex Gmtee Dep Astar Uni Banbi musme mona bit
Ether Ether
Rippia Rippia
Dozy Dozy
Oasys Oasys
Matic Matic
Marblex Marblex
Gmtee Gmtee
Dep Dep
Astar Astar
Uni Uni
Banbi Banbi
musme musme
mona mona
Bit Bit

CoinMusme NFTs


Collaboration Character

CoinMusme works with many Web3 communities, gaming guilds, and KOLs by creating the original character that represents unique charm of each community.

  • くださいちゃん
  • MCH
  • チェンコロ
  • ZAIF
  • CNF
  • 0xC
  • JGG
  • クリプト流星群
  • IGG
  • Yay!
  • FaceWaliet
  • CoinInvestTogether


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