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Announcement: Voice Actors Revealed for CoinMusme’s Characters ‘Uni’ and ‘Banbi’ — Win 5 Special autographed board NFTs


Eureka Entertainment Ltd. (CEO: Takuya Tsuji) has announced the voice actors for the characters ‘Bambi’ and ‘Uni’ in the blockchain game ‘CoinMusme,’ currently in development. The cast is as follows:

  • Announcing the Voice Actors for ‘Uni’ and ‘Banbi’

Uni: Yua Nagae
Born on November 30th, from Ehime Prefecture. Known for roles such as Koharu in the TV anime ‘EX-ARM’ and Shanghai Alice in the game ‘超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ sisters vs sisters.’ Actively engaged in various activities as a member of GuilDrops, including television, streaming, and events. Recently participated in Comic Market 103, distributing illustration books, and is also active as an illustrator.

Banbi: Mayu Sagara
Born on April 17th, from Kyoto Prefecture. Known for roles such as Kasumi Nakasu in ‘Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club,’ Miruki Amauri in ‘Waccha Primagi,’ and Kazuho Kimiyoshi in ‘Higurashi: When They Cry — Life.’ Made her artist debut under Universal Music in 2023.

  • Special autographed board NFTs Giveaway

We will be giving away autographed board NFTs from Yua Nagae, the voice of Uni, and Mayu Sagara, the voice of Banbi, to 5 lucky winners each.

▼ Entry Requirements: During the specified period (Uni autographed board NFTs: May 1st-2nd, Banbi autographed board NFTs: May 3rd-4th), follow the accounts below and like the specified posts:
Global Musme Account:
※For more information, please visit the Global Musme Account.

  • About CoinMusme

CoinMusume is a blockchain game scheduled to be released in 2024, developed by Eureka Entertainment Ltd. with the aim of creating a new excitement and becoming a global role model for “Play to Earn’’ world. The game features idol characters inspired by cryptocurrencies.

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▼ Official Website
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  • About CoinMusme Academy

CoinMusme Academy is a Discord community where members belong to various organizations such as student councils and clubs, engage in activities to enrich the “CoinMusme” experience. Through an administration inspired academy role-playing, we aim to provide our members with an experience of “learning, playing, and having fun.”
CoinMusme Academy was publicly launched on August 2nd, and it has since formed a vibrant community primarily centered around the members of the Student Council. Users who joined the CoinMusme Academy during May will be granted the “10th Batch’’ role, allowing them to engage in broader activities.
In May, within the Japanese community of CoinMusme Academy, we will be giving away 150 gacha ticket NFTs and 10 Premium gacha ticket NFTs that can be used after the game’s release. Additionally, we will provide separate gacha ticket NFTs for various global regions.

Please take this opportunity to join the official Discord community, “CoinMusme Academy.”


【How to Participate】
Please join us through the following link. We look forward to your participation.