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New Characters Born from Collaborations Steadily Debut in the Blockchain Game ‘CoinMusme’! Expanding Collaborations and Enhancing Characters Towards Game Release


Eureka Entertainment Ltd. (CEO: Takuya Tsuji) announces the introduction of new characters in the blockchain game “CoinMusme” as the second phase of collaborative character creation, which began in December 2023. Currently, collaborations with other projects and communities are being decided one after another. Moving forward, we will continue to strengthen characters through these collaborative efforts and contribute to the expansion of mutual recognition.

  • New Musme Characters Emerge Through Collaboration

CoinMusme has established a system since December 2023 to designate new characters born from collaborations with various projects and communities as trainees of CoinMusme’s cryptocurrency idol unit. Trainees are transformed into SD (Super Deformed) versions based on the existing characters or images of their respective projects or communities. Trainees who gain popularity may become playable characters in CoinMusme’s game after its release.

We are pleased to announce the completion of new characters through collaborations with MCH Verse, ChainColosseumPhoenix, and IGG.

Currently, collaborations with other projects and communities are being decided one after another, and more characters are expected to be added in the future.




  • Projects and communities with confirmed collaborations (Random order, titles omitted)

IGG (Iwapoyo Guild Games) is a game guild company that aims to bridge the gap between owners and players (scholars) in NFT games, with a focus on implementing the Play to Earn model in society. IGG practices a new economic model where users earn rewards by playing games. They utilize gamification principles to maximize gameplay and entertainment, fostering community formation. Players share information, cooperate to grow, and realize a richer gaming community.
IGG Official Website:
X (Former Twitter)Iwapoyo:
X (Former Twitter) IGG:
Official LINE:

Yay! is a virtual world that started in January 2020 with the concept of “a place for everyone.” With over 8 million users, Yay! allows people with similar interests to connect and enjoy various community activities, group calls, chats, and games. In August 2022, Yay! announced a contract partnership with bitFlyer for the implementation of an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), and in November 2023, it published the YAY White Paper detailing its web3 initiatives. Moving forward, Yay! aims to build an economy through tokens and NFTs on its platform, realizing a virtual world for the web3 era with sustainable tokenomics.
Yay! Web3 Community:
Official Website:
X (Former Twitter) Japanese:
X (Former Twitter) English:

JPYC (JPYCoin) is a Japanese yen stablecoin utilizing the ERC20 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain. Offered at 1 JPYC = 1 JPY by JPYC Inc., it can be used for goods exchange. With a total issuance exceeding 2.5 billion yen, JPYC can be managed in wallets such as MetaMask. Additionally, JPYC operates as a prepaid payment instrument based on the Fund Settlement Act and differs from cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it is compatible with Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, Avalanche, Astar, Gnosis (xDai), and Shiden, enabling integration with various projects.
Official Website:
X (Former Twitter):

VeryLongAnimals aims to be the longest-lasting collection in the NFT industry, which often prioritizes short-term profit and excitement. While enjoying the concept of animals with long faces, VeryLongAnimals is forming its own community and economy through a point system where VeryLongPotatoes, which allow for unauthorized commercial use and the creation of a long ideology beyond capitalism, are exchanged. The first collection, “VeryLongAnimals GENESIS,” concluded in November 2022. From November 2023, the highly anticipated minting of the second collection, “VeryLongAnimals Z,” which can only be obtained with potatoes, is underway.
Official Link Collection:
X (Former Twitter) English:
X (Former Twitter) Japanese:

Slash Fintech Limited launched the cryptocurrency payment solution “Slash Payment” in August 2022. Merchants can choose from four stablecoins for sales receipts after logging into their cryptocurrency wallet and issuing contracts, making QR code/API usage possible. Currently, Slash Payment supports 8 blockchains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Astar, Arbitrum One, Optimism, and Mantle Network. Through partnerships like OAT marketing collaboration with online services, Slash Fintech Limited supports the deployment of more practical blockchain businesses.
Official Website:
X (Former Twitter):

With Facewallet, anyone unfamiliar with Web3.0 can easily and securely enter the world of blockchain. Users can effortlessly generate a blockchain wallet using their social networking service (SNS) account and sign transactions easily with a 6-digit PIN code, allowing them to use Web3 apps like mobile fintech services. Developers can provide all service users with a secure and convenient non-custodial wallet for free through Facewallet Kit.
Official Website:
X (Former Twitter):

WeCryptoTogether, as a top KOL in the Korean Web3 industry, delivers various contents through YouTube, Telegram, and Twitter. They refrain from using bot operations for viewer attribution and have gained popularity not only in Korea but also among subscribers from Russia recently.

※The following has been announced on December 25th, 2023.

Established in 2020, Kudasai Inc. originated from Japan’s largest cryptocurrency community, ‘KudasaiJP.’ The company has evolved into a corporation, supporting not only Web3 companies but also the growth of all projects and businesses related to Web3. From planning and development of blockchain startups to advisory services and community expansion, Kudasai Inc. provides multifaceted and comprehensive growth support solutions. The company is also committed to enhancing its advisory division.
Reference Link: 
Company URL:

Otaku Labs is a Japanese cryptocurrency community primarily active on Telegram, Discord, and X. With experienced and knowledgeable members, the community engages not only in the exchange of information regarding NFTs, blockchain games, airdrop hunts, and altcoins but also provides marketing support through AMAs and giveaways for domestic and international projects. Operating under the concept of ‘Creating a place where people can easily explore games and art using crypto and blockchain technology, and make themselves known to everyone through OtakuLabs,’ the community continues to grow.
Official website:
Official Discord:
Official Telegram:
Official Twitter:

NFT Gamer Japan is a Discord community for Web3.0 games launched by the VTuber Aoten Ruin in October 2021. The community gathers individuals who want to enjoy Web3.0 games as a form of entertainment, fostering communication for information sharing and collaborative enjoyment of games. It serves as a space for conducting AMAs with game projects and receiving advice and feedback from core members with extensive experience in various Web3.0 games.

MCH Verse is a Layer 2 blockchain built on the blockchain “Oasys,” specialized for gaming and utilizing Optimistic Rollup.
One of the representative blockchain games on MCH Verse, “My Crypto Heroes,” has been operating on MCH Verse since February 2022. MCHC (MCH Coin) serves as the foundational currency for the entire MCH Verse ecosystem.
Official Twitter (MCH Verse):
Official Twitter (My Crypto Heroes):
Discord (My Crypto Heroes):

ChainColosseumPhoenix is a Play-to-Earn blockchain game set to launch on Oasys Chain MCH-Verse. Players can summon heroes from the summoning book and earn tokens by defeating monsters in battles.
In the world of blockchain games, it is determined to have the world’s highest initial liquidity, surpassing even STEPN.
Additionally, it incorporates innovative systems, such as the AT-Field that eliminates speculative traders, addressing the shortcomings of traditional Play-to-Earn games. These features propel GameFi to the next level.

CAICA COIN (CICC) is a cryptocurrency issued by CAICA DIGITAL Corporation (Securities Code: 2315) and operates on the Ethereum network, adhering to the ERC20 standard.
In September 2023, it completed its integration with Polygon, evolving into a multi-chain compatible coin.
As one of the few coins in Japan issued by a listed company and tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges, it holds a unique position in the market.
Issuer Website:
CAICA COIN Official Website:
CAICA COIN litepaper:
CAICA COIN Official Twitter:

CNF transforms into a members-only Web3 community, providing a sophisticated space for members to explore NFTs and engage in meaningful discussions. Members can engage in discussions, share perspectives, and create connections through various viewpoints, from NFT-related information to other topics. Offline meetups foster real-world connections, creating a vibrant social experience. With NFTs as the catalyst, CNF offers numerous opportunities for encounters and the joy of engaging with NFTs together with like-minded individuals. Beyond NFTs, members can freely and joyfully communicate with each other.

0x Consulting Group engages in consulting services for Web3 projects, including consulting, media operations, and tool development. Their services cover a broad spectrum, including the design and operation of token ecosystems, the development and execution of Web3 marketing strategies, the establishment and management of fan communities, operation of research media, analysis of on-chain data, development and sale of Web3 tools, and operation of the Web3 community “LCA GAME GUILD.” Through these initiatives, they aim to promote widespread adoption of token economics, address economic disparities in society, and create a society where everyone can challenge themselves with excitement.
Official Website:
X (Formerly Twitter):

Japan Gaming Guild is a Japanese community specialized in gathering information and playing blockchain games. In the 2nd beta play of the Web3 MMORPG Gran Saga: Unlimited, the guild achieved a unique feat by clearing the highest difficulty raid battle and securing a rank. Additionally, they have accumulated prize money exceeding $50,000 in blockchain game tournaments, boasting a substantial number of active players.
Engaging with over 100 projects, the guild is involved in various activities, including game streaming, content creation, providing feedback during alpha tests, and offering advisory services.

Crypto Meteor City is Japan’s largest cryptocurrency community. It stands out for its community-driven approach, where individual members take the lead in planning exciting activities and events through “DAOism.” The community embraces a free and comfortable atmosphere with the principle of “welcoming all.”
Covering a wide range of topics beyond cryptocurrency (Token/DeFi/NFT/BCG, etc.), the community is known for its diverse discussions. Whether you’re an advanced cryptocurrency enthusiast or a beginner, everyone actively contributes and engages in their respective areas of interest, making the community truly unique. We look forward to welcoming you.
X (Formerly Twitter):

In the recently announced trainee system, we are conducting the SD transformation or creation of existing characters from projects and communities that have collaborated with us. If your project or community is interested in collaborating with CoinMusme, please feel free to contact us at the following:

▼X(Formerly Twitter)

  • About CoinMusme

CoinMusme is a blockchain game being developed by Eureka Entertainment with the aim of creating a global role model for the “Play to Earn’’ world. The game will feature idol characters inspired by cryptocurrencies.

▼X (Formerly Twitter) Accounts
Japanese Account:
Global Account:
Vietnamese Account:
Chinese-speaking Account:
Koren Account:
▼Official Website
▼Eureka Entertainment Ltd.のプレスリリース⼀覧

  • About CoinMusme Academy

CoinMusme Academy is a Discord community where members belong to various organizations such as student councils and clubs, engage in activities to enrich the “CoinMusme” experience. Through an administration inspired academy role-playing, we aim to provide our members with an experience of “learning, playing, and having fun.”
CoinMusme Academy was publicly launched on August 2nd, and it has since formed a vibrant community primarily centered around the members of the Student Council. Users who join in February will receive the “7th Batch” role, granting them access to a wide range of activities.

In February, the Japanese community within CoinMusme Academy will give away 200 gacha ticket NFTs and 10 premium gacha ticket NFTs, usable after the game release. Additionally, we will provide separate gacha ticket NFTs for various global regions.


Please join us through the following link. We look forward to your participation.