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CoinMusme Announces the Economic Concept “Gacha 3.0.” The Discord Community “CoinMusme Academy” Is Now Open to the Public, and They Are Giving Away 100 Gacha Ticket NFTs.


The blockchain game “Coin Musme” aims to create a highly profitable and sustainable game by reinvesting a significant portion of its revenue back into the economics of the game for long-term success.

Eureka Entertainment Ltd (CEO: Takuya Tsuji) has announced the economic concept “Gacha 3.0” for the blockchain game “Coin Musme” and updated its website accordingly. Additionally, they have opened the official Discord community “Coin Musme Academy” to the public and started a giveaway offering 100 free Gacha Ticket NFTs as a celebration.

  • About Economic Concept “Gacha 3.0”

The vision of the Coin Musme team is to create a global role model for the “Play to Earn” concept, generating new excitement and providing a fresh experience in the world of blockchain games.

While operating many social games in Japan and being loved by numerous fans, we have questioned the fact that most of the funds paid by the users are often consumed by platform fees, advertising costs, and operational expenses.
(From the whitepaper:

We believe that by returning the users’ enthusiasm to the economics of the game, we can bring our vision to life.

Gacha 3.0 is an attempt to achieve this by “Returning the majority of in-game sales revenue (around 80–90%) to the economics” and creating a highly profitable game in the long term.

Returning a significant portion of revenue to the economics is a fantastic opportunity for our users, but it poses challenging conditions for the operation.

To achieve this, we have been operating under the constraint of “not creating unnecessarily ‘rich’ games” and have envisioned a system that allows the game to continue at significantly lower costs than traditional games. From the beginning, we are conducting development and operation with the aim of delivering the “most exciting experience” to our users.

  • The General Public Opening of “Coin Musme Academy.”

Starting today, we are pleased to announce the general public opening of the Discord community “CoinMusme Academy.”

Since its launch in June as an invitation-only official Discord community, over 300 members have joined, and through user ideas and discussions, it has been decided to transform the Discord community into “Coin Musme Academy” to enhance the game experience.

Since then, the “Student Council,” consisting of enthusiastic users, has been actively involved in shaping the direction, rules, and content creation of Coin Musme Academy, preparing for its general public release.

Coin Musme Academy offers a wide variety of content, ranging from activities related to game management that users can participate in, to various contents created by the Student Council. Additionally, exclusive information about Coin Musme will be shared on this Discord community, and giveaways are also scheduled to take place.

  • Gacha Ticket NFT Giveaway & Earn the “1st Batch Student” Role on Discord

To celebrate the public opening of “Coin Musme Academy,” we are hosting a Discord giveaway of 100 Gacha tickets that can be used after the game’s release to 100 lucky participants.

Furthermore, users who participated in Coin Musme Academy during August will be given the “1st Batch” role on Discord, which allows them to participate in a wider range of activities.

Please take this opportunity to join the official Discord community, “Coin Musme Academy.” We are also recruiting members for the “Student Council” of Coin Musme Academy. We look forward to receiving applications from those who want to be a part of the excitement surrounding Coin Musme.

▼Official Discord Community Coin Musme Academy

  • About Coin Musme

Coin Musme is a blockchain game being developed by Eureka Entertainment with the aim of creating a global role model for the “Play to Earn’’ world. The blockchain game, scheduled for release by the end of this year, will feature idol characters inspired by cryptocurrencies.

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