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BIT and OASYS are going to sing at Kyoto IVS.


The voice actresses for the characters “Bit” and “Oasys”, in the blockchain game “CoinMusme”, were officially announced. The first performance of the “CoinMusme” theme song has been decided at the official side event of IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO hosted by Oasys. A total of 5 signed boards NFTs will be gifted.

Eureka Entertainment Ltd. (CEO: Takuya Tsuji) has decided on the following voice actresses for the characters “Bit” and “Oasys” appearing in the blockchain game “CoinMusme” under development. In addition, it has been decided that both voice actresses will perform the “CoinMusme” theme song for the first time at the official side event “Oasys Special Event” of IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO (Wednesday, June 28, 19:00-).

Bit: Yuzuki Hayashi
Born on August 1st, from Chiba Prefecture. Specialty is playing the trumpet. While she is a new voice actress, she delivers various songs on her own YouTube channel [はやしちゃんねーる: Hayashi Channel], and her songs that have been viewed more than 45k times have become a hot topic.

Oasys: Nana Yamasaki
Born on May 25, from Kanagawa Prefecture. After working as a kid dancer, she started working as a member of the idol unit “Niji no Conquistador: (Rainbow Conquistador)” in 2017. She is in charge of the voice and movement of G’s Koeken-chan, the personality of “She is G’s Koeken Activity Report Meeting”.

  • Signed NFTs will be gifted

5 people will receive a signed NFT and signature board from Yuzuki Hayashi, the voice actresses in charge of Bit, and Nana Yamasaki, the voice actresses in charge of Oasys.

▼ Application conditions: Follow the accounts below and like the tweet during the period (Oasys NFT: 22nd to 25th; Bit NFT: 26th to 28th)
Musme English Account:
Musme Japanese Account:
Musme Mona Account

※For details, please check Musme Twitter.

  • Chartered the world heritage “Nijo Castle”! Largest side event “Oasys Special Event”

The game-specific blockchain Oasys is holding an event, “Oasys Special Event”. It is the largest IVS official side event and the venue is Nijo Castle, a World Heritage Site.

Presentations will be held on the main stage such as new games from domestic and foreign game companies, including major companies. In addition, they are planning to have an art space of the lights of Nijo Castle at night by “teamLab”, a stall space where you can eat and drink, and a DJ booth inviting Shinichi Osawa, a representative musician of Japan.

About「Oasys Special Event」
Date(JST): June 28, 2023 (Wednesday) 19:00–21:00 (doors open at 18:30)
Location: Nijo Castle, Kyoto Prefecture,
Kyoto-shi, Nakagyo-ku, Nijo-dori, Horikawa Nishiiri, Nijo-cho 541
Admission fee: Free
Target audience:IVS2023 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO participants and individual invitees
How to enter: Please apply using the application form provided to the above target audience.
*In case of bad weather, there is a possibility of postponement to the next 29th.
Check the list of side events from the following page.

Side events list page

  • About CoinMusme

CoinMusme is a blockchain game that will be released within the year, developed by Eureka Entertainment Ltd. with the vision of producing a global role model for Play to Earn that creates new enthusiasm.

  • About Musme DAO!

In order to realize the CoinMusme ecosystem, they have established an initial game management community “Musme DAO!” and are recruiting members.

Desired Traits
・People who want to spread the fun of Blockchain game.
・People who want to contribute to making CoinMusme a global project.
・Individuals with basic manners (students are also welcome).
・No prior experience with Web3 products is required.
Application Method
Please fill out the necessary information using the application form below. “Musme DAO!” will initially limit the number of members, and we will contact you individually regarding the timing of joining.

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Japanese Account:
Global Account:
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