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Eureka Entertainment x Factomind Partnership Announcement


We are thrilled to announce a partnership between Eureka Entertainment and Factomind. This collaboration is set to leverage the strengths of both companies to deliver an unparalleled Web3 gaming experience in Japan and beyond.

  • Introduction

Exploring the partnership details, it’s crucial to recognize gaming’s pivotal role in Web3 growth. “Mass Adoption” is a common goal, and gaming serves as an ideal vehicle due to gamers’ familiarity with tokenization and virtual assets, seamlessly integrating blockchain. Web3 elevates gaming with concepts like ‘true ownership’ and ‘tradability,’ empowering players.

Eureka Entertainment has a track record of success in developing and launching traditional Web2 social games, and CoinMusme is their first Web3 title. CoinMusme is a blockchain-based game from Japan with cute idol characters inspired by cryptocurrencies. It has eleven idol characters from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Doge. Players can engage in NFT battles and participate in voting for price prediction race of cryptocurrencies. CoinMusme is set to be released in March 2024. While it has only showcased some characters and its first white paper, it has already established a strong community both in Japan and global market.

Factomind specializes in data-driven growth strategies for web3 projects, focusing on enhancing market and strategy efficiency and providing guidance on organic ecosystem growth in the Korean market. With expertise in financial markets, Factomind offers a comprehensive analysis of DeFi markets and strategies for developing high-quality products.

Eureka Entertainment and Factomind have agreed to collaborate in the following ways.

  • Details

1. Selective sharing of respective networks
2. Sharing of knowledge and know-how of respective countries

Factomind and Eureka Entertainment each possess expertise and existing partnerships within their respective countries. Through this collaboration, we aim to explore and establish a presence in each other’s markets, by leveraging existing knowledge and partnerships to create synergies within our network.

  • About Factomind

Factomind Technologies, Ltd. (Factomind) is a market and data specialist with expertise in both traditional finance and the Web3 industry. With years of experience, the team aims to add value to partnering projects by providing data-driven insights, strategy optimization, and market-related solutions.

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  • About Eureka Entertainment

Eureka Entertainment is developing a CoinMusme, a blockchain game with the aim of creating a global role model for the “Play to Earn’’ world. The blockchain game, scheduled for release by March 2024, will feature idol characters inspired by cryptocurrencies.

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